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We have a small Autumn sale happening right now - check out some clearance items!
We have a small Autumn sale happening right now - check out some clearance items!



Hobby Ultra Ltd is an e-commerce business that stocks imported goods from all around the world. We stock comics, Good Smile products such as Nendoroids and Figmas, Bandai merchandise, manga, and much more! 


The pilot behind Hobby Ultra previously worked for a large comic book retail chain in the UK, but decided to start up their very own company to source some of the best products around, whilst providing stellar customer service. We have years of experience with comics and collectibles, so we can be trusted with your needs.


Honestly, we believe that there just isn't enough effort being placed on the customer's needs in this industry. We want to build a community that respects the customer, by offering out unique products, exceptional customer service and rewards for loyalty.


We aim to find you some of the coolest stuff available, including quality model kits, Figmas, Nendoroids, plushes and much more. We recently expanded into comics and manga, and are happy to arrange for standing orders too.

Check out what we have and do not hesitate to request items! We'll try our best to source it. We can't list every comic available each week, but contact us if you're after a specific issue!

We're always in the process of filling the internet tubes with new stock updates every week, so keep on checking by with us. We regularly update on our socials, but for further updates please subscribe to our newsletter.


We know what it's like to deal with fakes, and we are fully committed to making sure everything we sell is fully-licensed. We understand the market suffers enough from it, so we've got no time for dealers that work with fake goods.

If you're still unsure, please note that we are an Official GoodSmile Partner Shop and our suppliers are official distributors for selected manufacturers.


Products on this site are not suitable for anyone under the age of 12.

If required, we will put age restrictions on our items. Some items, such as hobby knives, will have to be purchased by customers over the age of 18. This also applies to manga with an explicit content warning on.

Take note that model kits have different grades too, so for any children we recommend EG or even HG kits, but we've seen some talented individuals building MG kits from an early age!

Upon purchase, customers agree to being over the age suitable for the product.


We currently offer FREE shipping on all orders over £15! We're only allowing UK sales at the moment due to delivery delays happening around the world, but if you urgently need an item, we can quote you for shipping.

We always provide tracking/signature information after we've dispatched your purchase if it's over £20, so please check your emails for tracking information! Items are typically delivered by Royal Mail 1st/2nd Class and unless there's unexpected delays, your purchase will be packaged and shipped within 2 working days.

For super huge items, we will usually deliver your order through another courier (FedEx/ParcelForce). In every case, expensive items will always have tracking information provided to them.

In the near future, we will attempt to have a low carbon footprint, with biodegradable bubble wrap and paper/card packaging. Sometimes we'll reuse some old boxes, just to save waste. We've seen what happened during the Second Impact, so we really need to look after the planet!


For pre-orders, we offer customers the chance to secure their products safely by shopping with us. For more expensive items, we provide the option to pay either a deposit or full payment. If you've paid a deposit, we will not ask for the remaining amount until the product is in stock.

Whilst we provide an estimated arrival date for our items, please be aware that releases can be delayed unexpectedly. We can't always update everyone if a manufacturer has delayed anything, but we will always respond within 24 hours if you require an update about your item.

Once a figure is in stock and in our office, customers are notified via email that they need to pay the remaining cost of the item. Our emails should always land in your inbox, but check your spam folder just in case.

To ensure that customers receive their product, we tend to have a cut-off point for pre-orders so we can fulfil those numbers without issues. If you notice you can't pre-order an item, that's because we've reached the inventory limit for that product. If you're in desperate need though, please contact us.

Please note that pre-ordering an item is a commitment made by the buyer, and is non-refundable after 14 days. If you need to cancel within the 14 days, then please contact us to arrange this. Any cancellations after this period will result in a 10% cancellation fee.

We intend to fulfil every pre-order made, but please note that it's an entirely dependent on our suppliers and release dates or cancellations. All deposits are refunded if we're aware of any cancellations from the manufacturer.


If your item is defective, we will refund your item if it is returned within 14 days. 

Products will need to be returned to be eligible for a refund. We will not accept returns without any prior communication.

Regarding pre-orders, we reserve the right to impose a cancellation fee of 10% for your pre-order after the 14-day period. This will be knocked off the total of your refund, and if the item has been specifically ordered for you and is high-priced, refunds will only be issued once we find another buyer. 

Simply contact us and we'll arrange it, and if you require any further information, check out our policy during the checkout process. Abuse of the returns policy will result in your account being banned.


Not yet! But, we're working on it. We're currently scouting areas in our local city, Leicester, and if we find a suitable location, we'll cram it full of our great stock. Look out for this to be (hopefully) completed soon!


Well, that would be @TheDuckGod over on Twitter. He has plenty of experience with commissions, so hit them up and pay them good money because artists deserve your support!

If you haven't noticed yet either, our mascot is directly influenced by Ultraman, Neon Genesis Evangelion and of course, Daicon IV! Yes, we're unashamedly huge Gainax and Studio Trigger fans here.


That's a good question. We're not 100% sure, but he's either swimming in LCL or he managed to somehow get stuck in Misato's fridge. Whatever he's doing, we hope he's safe.